Same Day Maid Service


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Same Day Maid Service

People who hire maids commonly ask themselves the exact same question: “What took me so long?” As soon as a couple, family, or person experiences the improved quality of life after having housecleaners clean up their home, they realize what an improvement they feel and see in other areas of their lives as well. Clearly, they want to see their homes to look and feel cleaner. However what they might not have actually anticipated is the boost in their career, boost in their relationships with family members, boost in their health, and in their social life.


A Cleaner House


Maids bring a big positive change to the interior of a home. Depending on the family needs, maids clean houses once a week, bi-weekly, monthly or work out a custom schedule with the family. What would you expect them to do? Most maids start with vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, wiping and scrubbing. They move from room to leave every inch of your house or apartment dirt free. This will includes your living room, kitchen, restrooms, and all bedrooms and office space. If you need, the housecleaners can also perform some extra cleaning tasks, for example clean your oven, clean inside of the kitchen, or clean the basement after your kids made a huge mess. You can imagine how much better your home will look and smell after all that work.


Boost of a Career


Once you have professional help, members of the family are not going to have to waste their evenings and weekends scrubbing floors, dusting, and cleaning the toilet. This will result in more time to prepare for a presentation at work, finish your paper work, or you can even sign up for classes and improve your work related skills, I’m sure your boss will like that. All that time that you safe by hiring a maid and not doing the housework yourself leaves you with spear time that you can easily spent on your career.


Boost in Family Relationship


Before you hired your first maid, everybody in the family probably had chores to do. The person that was responsible for washing the floor probably was not very happy when another family member was only given a chore of removing the dust from the kitchen. What if someone didn’t finish their chore? Or didn’t do it “good enough” according to someone else that creates a lot of tension and hard feelings. However, once the family hired a professional maid, they can all now relax and spend some quality time together, no sweat, no stress, and no hard feelings. Now here is a happy home.


A Healthier Home


Of course we all know that germs love their dirty environment. For example if a bathroom does not get its routine cleaning once in a while, you can be assured that your bathroom now a germ heaven. Not only it is important to clean certain areas of your home of the regular basis, but also you need to do it using certain cleaning products, and use particular techniques to remove the dirt and germs. Who else might know how to accomplish that than you professional maid from your local cleaning company? Stay healthy my friends.


A Better Social Life


Would you call your friends over if your house is a mess? Of course not. We care about how we look and what people think of us, and we would be embarrassed about our messy home. Chances are that people are not going to feel like friend for a movie night. Who wants to have the next-door neighbors over for a dinner if the kitchen and dining area look like hurricane Sandy just blew by? Every member of a family would probably have a more active social life if their houses were cleaner and have more free space.


Still not sure if hiring a maid is a good idea? There’s no doubt about it. Once a couple, or a family works with a team of housemaids, their lives will improve instantly. And I’m not just talking about clean mirrors and windows, clean and soft carpets that smell and look clean, a spotless kitchen, germ-free bathroom or no dust in the bedroom. Improvement will instantly come in a form of better relationship among your family members, you doing better at work, and having fun with your friends when you invite them over. Don’t forget the benefits for your health.


Choosing a Maid


You have finally decided to hire a maid? Great, it’s a big decision. It will save you a lot of time, stress and headache in a long run. There few steps that I would personally advise you to take before your cleaning team arrives at your door.  The first thing to think about is “How will they enter my home?” It’s a good idea when scheduling your first initial cleaning going over the details of how they will get inside. You have 3 options:


1)      You can be home and let them in yourself;

2)      You can hide your key somewhere for them.

3)      Or you can give them the combination of your electronic key if you have one, or if you will in an apartment with a doorman, letting your doorman know about their arrival.



Do you have pets? If you do, then it is very important that you let the cleaners know in advance. You will want to make sure that they do not use any cleaning products that might be harmful to your pets. Or getting a cleaner that might be allergic to them. Also it is wise to try to keep your pets away, while the cleaning process takes place. Imagine your dog is rolling around on the carpet that was just vacuumed. Or your pets walking on a newly washed floors. This way the job will take more time, and this will mean that you will either end up with a higher bill at the end, or cleaners will try to rush their work so they could finish on time. Don’t let your pet be a problem.


Every house has its own personal cleaning needs. You will want to let the cleaning service company know in advance about the size of your home, how many rooms you have, what was the last time that you have cleaned the place and what are you looking for in a cleaning. Here are few different cleaning packages that most maids offer:

● Basic Cleaning Package

● Deep Cleaning Package

● Move in/out Cleaning Package


Do any of your family members have allergies? Do not forget to let your maids know. If anyone in your household is allergic to certain cleaning items or products, mention it before the cleaning crew arrives. Scheduling is also an important factor. You don’t want to have your crew to arrive really early in the morning on a weekend when you are still sleeping, or too late at night, or simply when you having friend over and it is not a good time for you. Work out a cleaning schedule that fits your needs.


Most people make a mistake of not taking proper steps before the home cleaners arrive. It is important. It will save you time and money. Do you have important documents on your desk? If you do not want any of your paper work to end up in the trash talk to housecleaners about it. A person that never been in your home might not know what items are important to you, and what are not. Do you want a same day maid service? Do you want your bed sheets to be changed? Landry done maybe? How about the dirty dishes? There are many things that you might have to talk to your maids before they come, so take your time and make a list, and I’m sure you will have a wonderful experience. I have a maid come clean my home and I don’t know why I waited so long to get one.